Rainbow trout came to Western NC rivers because Brook Trout numbers dropped.

Are Rainbow Trout Native to North America? Origins Explained

Rainbow trout are one of America’s most popular game fish. So a common question is, where did they come from? Are they native to North America? Yes, rainbow trout are native to North America and originate from two areas in the Pacific: Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and North America’s northwest coast. Rainbow Trout Range Rainbow trout’s …

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Close-up: Colorful trout skin with pink and brown scales.

Do Rainbow Trout Have Scales? A Trout’s Pattern & Protection

A rainbow trout’s iconic color makes them appealing to anglers worldwide, but that beauty often overshadows their makeup and anatomy.  Contrary to what you see at first, a rainbow trout’s body comprises tiny scales that give them speed and protection.  Rainbow Trout Scales  Although a rainbow trout’s skin appears scaleless, tiny scales cover its body. …

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David’s wife, Nataya, fishing a coldwater creek in Wisconsin.

Can Rainbow Trout Live In Warm Water? Optimal Trout Temperatures 

Rainbow trout are cold-water fish and need low, oxygen-rich water temperatures. Compared to other trout species, rainbow trout can survive in “warm” water that does not exceed 80 degrees. But these temperatures affect feeding activity, growth, and survivability.  Water Temperature and Trout If you’ve ever noticed a pond turn green in the summer (like the …

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Mystery man fishes at Montana's Glacier Park lake, with trees and a waterfall nearby.

Are Rainbow Trout Native to Montana? A Management Challenge

Among Montana’s robust fishing opportunities, rainbow trout are the number one ranked game fish in Montana. So it is natural to ask if they are naticontroversy throughout western states. ve to this beautiful state. Scientists believe rainbow trout are native to the Kootenai River in Montana’s northwest corner. All other rainbows are non-native and were introduced. …

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Fisherman smile by rainbow trout, underwater scene.

Can Rainbow Trout Live In Florida? A Needle In A Haystack

Rainbow trout in Florida exist in one stocked pond, making them quite uncommon. So, if you’re looking for a majestic mountain stream of cutthroat, brown trout, or brookies, Florida is not your destination.  As the U.S.’s saltwater destination, your time on the water is better spent chasing speckled sea trout. Better yet, set your sights …

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Sockeye salmon swim upstream to lay eggs in the river.

Are Rainbow Trout Salmon? Untangling A Confusing Family Tree 

Many people confuse salmon and trout since they belong to the same family, Salmonidae. To make matters worse, they also have a similar appearance. Rainbow trout and salmon are different fish with general variations. Most believe that rainbow trout are freshwater and salmon migrate to saltwater, but this logic doesn’t hold up in all situations.  …

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