Fly in a fly box, wooly bugger

What Size Wooly Bugger For Trout? Fish Catching Machine

The ideal-sized Wooly Bugger depends on where you’re fishing and the size of the fish you’re targeting. Generally, anglers successfully fish with Wooly Buggers between sizes 6-10. These medium-sized flies work well in various current speeds and depths. Always have numerous sizes on hand when fly fishing for trout.  Every trout angler has their one …

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The fisherman was waiting patiently for the fish to bite as the sun was lowering.

Where Do Trout Go in the Winter: Cold Weather Hideouts

In the winter, trout look for comfortable water temperatures, cover, and structure. In rivers, you’ll find trout deep in pools where the water temperatures are warm and flows are minimal. In lakes, you’ll find trout from drop-offs near rock piles, vegetation, or fallen logs. Warm water is the priority.  Life slows down in the winter. …

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Beautiful montana rainbow trout inside the net.

Will Trout Bite Mid-Day?

Trout do bite mid-day, but it’s not their prime feeding time. Usually, they spend the middle of the day in deeper water, waiting for lower light and cooler temperatures. They’ll eat if you can get your flies and lures in the perfect spot. Catching trout mid-day is not always easy.  Like most fish, trout are …

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River near Jackson, Wyoming and a beautiful mountain.

Why Trout Don’t Bite: Strange Trout Behavior Explained

Some reasons trout don’t bite include changes in water conditions, the time of day, the baits we’re throwing, poor fishing techniques, and weather conditions. At times it is a combination of various factors. Trout are finicky, and it’s not uncommon to have days you can’t figure them out. Few things are more frustrating than perfectly …

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