Fish skin, a close look.

Do Brown Trout Have Scales? Brown Trout’s Appearance Explained

Brown trout do have scales. They’re tiny scales that act as protection and friction reducers. A slimy layer covers their scales, and it helps them move through the water more efficiently, but it also assists with respiration and does well to keep out harmful bacteria. At first glance, brown trout look like smooth-skinned, delicate fish. …

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Brown trout getting ready to lay eggs in tiny stream.

When Do Brown Trout Spawn?

Brown trout spawn in the fall. As the temperatures drop in September or October, brown trout get ready to lay eggs, fertilize them, and keep them safe. The fall means cool water temperatures, consistent flows, and ideal egg incubating conditions. While the exact day varies yearly, it always happens in the fall. From start to …

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Danny holding a fishing rod in the river.

Are Brown Trout Native to Michigan? A Brown’s Native Waters

While brown trout are highly coveted in Michigan, they’re not native to the state. Brown trout are native to Europe, Northwestern Africa, and Western Asia. They were introduced to the United States in the late 1800s and have become one of the country’s most heavily targeted game fish. Michigan has a long-standing history of trout …

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