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Lowrance Hook 9 Reviews

Have you ever gone out to the water, tried to use your fish finder, and promptly noticed that half of the information it gave you was hard to read or useless? I remember experiencing that moment when I first got into fish finders. The basic stuff works fine for a while, but you eventually have …

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Simrad GO7 Reviews

When you first started out as a fisherman, you probably bought a cheap fish finder that wasn’t that great. That low-quality fish finder might still be attached to your boat. If that’s the case for you, it might be time to think about upgrading your fish finder. As you gain experience as a fisherman, you …

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Garmin EchoMap 73SV Review

Traditionally, you would tell where fish were by slowly trolling around the lake. You’d stare at the water like a madman, and you’d look for insect activity or fish shadows. When that didn’t work, you’d start casting lures and baits into sunken trees or other forms of cover. There isn’t anything wrong with that technique …

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Lowrance Hook 3X Review

I remember what it was like before I bought my first fish finder. It wasn’t uncommon for me to sit around for hours on a lake that was filled with feisty fish. I’d blindly cast my lures all over the place, but the majority of my casts were fruitless. Once I got my first fish …

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Humminbird Helix 5 Reviews

Have you ever been stuck on the water without a bite? Sometimes, it might be because of the barometric pressure, or it might be because of the water temperature. However, it’s usually because you’re casting in the wrong place. A good fish finder can help with that issue. Instead of simply casting into the murky …

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