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My friends call me Tommy, but everyone in the fishing world knows me as Tommy “The Trout” Gibson. Since I was little, I’ve been heading to the water, excited to see what kind of fish I could catch. My dad taught me the ins and outs of being a great fisherman, showing me how to read the signs in nature so that I could lure the often elusive fish. As I got older, I discovered that fishing, while a fun hobby, is so much more than just something to do in spare time. Like a lot of other great fishermen I know, fishing really has become an art – and one that I can’t get enough of.

And while I love a great day of fishing, as I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered another passion of mine: Teaching others how to fish.

I often spend more time these days at the river or creek helping new fishermen learn the tips and tricks my dad once taught me than I do actually fishing for myself – and I really can’t complain. Like the old saying goes, “Catch a fish, and it will last you a day. But teach someone how to fish, and it will last you a lifetime”.

I started because I truly love seeing people discover the joys of fishing – the right way. Here on my website, I let each of you in on the fishing secrets that have helped me transform a weekend hobby into a way of life.

Everything you find on this site is designed to make you a better fisherman.

About My Content

I’m fully aware that there are about as many websites about fishing online as there are fish. That, however, hasn’t stopped me from creating Why? Because I know the difference between a trophy fish and a throw-back fish. Every piece of content you find here is like a trophy fish – something you want to hold onto and share with your buddies and family.

At, I want you to have the best experience possible because I know that the more you learn here, the more you’ll enjoy your next fishing trip. And if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that the world needs more fishermen.

Every single tip, trick, and product recommendation you see here has been tested and tried either by myself or by the most-trusted professionals in the fishing world. We promise to never advertise anything that we don’t believe in or use ourselves – and you can count on that.

Why You’ll Love FishSmartly.Com

For anyone who wants to learn how to really fish, then is here for you. Regardless of how long you’ve been casting your reel, this is the place to be if you want to…

  • Learn the basics of fishing
  • Discover the secrets of catching the best fish
  • Invest in the best, most-trusted fishing products
  • Enjoy your time fishing – whether at a lake or on the ocean

Stop by often and discover what’s new in the world of fishing!

Thanks for being here!

Tommy “The Trout” Gibson